Welcome to my Web site! 

At this point, this is a work in process of building a website for genealogy and pictures for family and friends.

My interest in family history started many years ago, and with the computer age, came many wonderful tools for research and contacts.  When I went online with e-mail, the first thing I did was post inquiries on many genealogy mailing list.  As time passed many of the e-mail service providers have come and gone resulting in lost replies to those inquiries of which many are still being read on the internet.  bonnieg@razorlogic.com is one of those addresses.  If you have tried to reach me, please try again here.  bonnieg@bonniegrant.com
I am the same bonnieg as in bonnieg@oldgrowth.com and there are inquiries posted with this e-mail address also.
SOME FAMILY NAMES:  BARKDULL, BOTKIN, BREIDENSTEIN, BRIGHTENSTINE, BURDITT, BUTLER, CAST, COOPER, CROOKERDYE, ELLINGWOOD, FLAKE, FLINT, GRANT, HALL, HARPE, HENDERSON, HOFFMAN, HUFFMAN, HOGABOOM, HOOPES, HUGHES, HUMPHREY, JINES, JONES, KIRKPATRICK, LAKE, MARKHAM, MILLER, MURPHY, NOYES, ORR, PARKER, Margarett, Lura, Merrill, Frank, Wilfred REED ancestors, REED pictures and articles, RICE, SELLARS, SELLERS,  SIGHTS, UHL, WAGNER, WHEATLEY, WHITE, and many more.  Many of these ancestors or their descendants settled in Mendocino, Tehama, or Sonoma Counties in California and some settled in Utah.  If you find that we are interested in the same surnames, lets share and compare. 

DILLION'S PAGE  My friends race car, My Horseshoe items - horseshoe book ends, tack hooks, business card holder, boot jack - more

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