Robert HENDERSON was born 4 Mar 1798 (possibly in Scotland) and died 20 Aug 1839 in Pennsylvania or Ohio. 
He married Betsy PARKER on 16 Aug 1827 in New York. 
She was born 31 Jul 1810 in New York and died 25 May 1860 near Wheatland, Yuba County, California


From the HENDERSON ANCESTRY prepared by Mary Helen (Mitchell) Hulse in 1931, and census records, it appears that Robert Henderson was born someplace in Scotland and came to NY sometime prior to August 1827, when he married Betsy Parker. No records have been found of his immigration, so it is unknown if he was with parents or siblings. He and his American born family must have started moving westward sometime between Sep 1830 when Vincent, their oldest known child was born in NY state, and Jul 1834 when William Wallace was born in PA. Their son Charles was born in 1832, place unknown. Then by Feb 1836 they had moved on to OH where their daughter Betsy Ann was born. At this point, nothing can be found as to what occupation Robert had, but it is assumed that he was in farming, developing his home and farm as he moved westward and leaving very few if any, traceable tracks. Then on 20 Aug 1839 just 2 months before his fifth child, Mary Jane, was born, Robert died. The cause of his untimely death and the location is unknown, as was the location of the birth of Mary Jane. These events probably took place  in OH or in IN where Betsy married David Kirkpatrick on 14 Mar 1840 in Kosciusko Co.


1.  Vincent Lorenzo HENDERSON married Nancy Elizabeth HUMPHREY  
        Mary Ann Henderson
        Charles Robert Henderson
        Alice Henderson
        Frank Burton Henderson
        David Benjamin Henderson
        Wallace Matthias Henderson
        Guy Henderson
        William Jay (Willie) Henderson
        Nancy Elizabeth Henderson


Mary Ann HENDERSON married David MITCHELL
            Robert Lorenzo Mitchell
            Charles Alexander (Rob) Mitchell
            Nancy Rubenia (Ruby) Mitchell
            James Ernest Mitchell
            Mary Helen Mitchell
            David John Mitchell


Charles Robert (CR) HENDERSON married Martha Ann HOFFMAN
            Bruce Worrella Henderson
            Donald Lewis (Don) Henderson
            Richard Arthur (Art) Henderson
       Alice HENDERSON married John L. THOMPSON
            May Olive Thompson
            Estella Maude Thompson


Frank HENDERSON married (1) Flora ARMSTRONG
            Leta Margaret Henderson
            Isabel "Belle" Henderson
Frank HENDERSON married (2) Lulu May BOOSE
             Elizabeth Avis Henderson
            Viva Burton Henderson             
       Nancy Elizabeth HENDERSON married Joseph George BOTKIN
            Floyd Finnell Botkin
            Joseph St. Clair Botkin
            Harold Irving (Bill) Botkin {twin}
            Helen Idel Botkin {twin}
            Julia Rubenia Botkin
            Wanda Mitchell Botkin
            Archie Leroy Botkin
            George Wallace Botkins
  2.  Charles HENDERSON
  3.  William Wallace HENDERSON
  4.  Elizabeth "Betsy" Ann HENDERSON married (1) Albert Samuel BOGARD
        Mary Jane Bogard
        Adelia A. Bogard
        William Warren Bogard
        Wallace Bogard
        Eliza Ann Bogard
        Grant Bogard
        Vincent Lorenzo Bogard
     Elizabeth "Betsy" Ann HENDERSON married (2) Edward Abija CHASE
        John Henry Chase
        Martha Elmina Chase
        Alpha Elfreda Chase
  5.  Mary Jane HENDERSON


on 14 March 1840 in or near Plains Township, Kosciusko County, Indiana


  1.  Mary Elizabeth KIRKPATRICK
  2.  Martha Melvina KIRKPATRICK
  3.  Robert Bruce KIRKPATRICK
  4.  Caroline KIRKPATRICK




In many cases, I have more information on the descendants, but have not been able to find anything more on Robert and Betsy or their ancestors. 
As always, this is a work in progress, let's share and compare.