Vital Records from Town of Boothbay, Maine
Marriage of Jacob REED and Hannah H. REED
Births of John R., Elbridge J., Newell, Sarah Caroline
Death of Jacob REED


Elbridge Jacob Reed of Boothbay
and Margarett A. Noyes of Jefferson
on Dec' 3, 1861 at Jefferson
by J. Burbank
Witness Daniel Noyes  Witness Susan Noyes



E. Frank Baker of Augusta, ME
and Margaret Noyes Reed
of Windsor, ME
On March 12,  1885, at
Windsor, ME
by A. B. Noyes Esq.


Elbridge J. Reed of Boothbay and
Margarett A. Noyes of Jefferson
on Dec 3, 1861 at Jefferson, ME
by Rev. J. Burbank

Almar Noyes Reed of
Windsor, ME
and L. Maria Ellingwood of N.H.
on Oct. 9, 1886 at
Port Kenyon, CA


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Ferndale, California
July 15th, 1954
                The locket case herewith contains the pictures of Daniel NOYES and Susan Cooper Noyes (see above),
his wife.  They settled in the northwestern part of Jefferson, a mile or two East of Coopers Mills where they were the
parents of the 13 children as stated in accompanying document dated April 13th 1952.  All of said children
including Elbridge Jacob REED, his only sister Sarah Caroline REED (who married Harry W. CLARY) attended
school at the Dunton school house.
                Margarett Augusta NOYES was born Christmas morning, December 25th, 1839.  She married Elbridge
Jacob REED born in Boothbay in September 1835, their son Almar Noyes REED was born at Boothbay on April 2, 1865,
In May 1880 Elbridge Jacob REED was Captain of the two mast sailing vessel “General Howard, we
(my father took his nine year old son Theron with him) sailed from Dingley’s Wharf at Gardener with a cargo of
lumber for New York and after discharging the cargo of coal for Ipswich, Mass., and while the “Howard” was being
loaded my father took me by the hand and we climbed a steep and rocky knoll which has now been leveled and
railroad facilities constructed thereon.  A few days later while the Cod was being discharged at Ipswich my father
passed away in our cabin on the Howard June 19th, he being 44 years of age.  The funeral was held from the brick
home and burial was in the Sand Hill Cemetery.  A granite monument marks the place of burial, also a Maple tree
which Theron helped to set out at the head of the grave in the summer of 1881.
                In March 1886 Margarett married E. Frank BAKER, the ceremony taking place at the brick home; she
passed away December 4, 1932.  Almar left the brick home in March 1882 for California and had his 17th birthday
in San Francisco and made his home in Mendocino County.  Theron left the brick home in October 1904 for California
where he has since resided.
(Signed) T. D. REED

The following letter was written by Elbridge Jacob REED to his wife Margarett Augusta NOYES Reed

May 23 75  (1875) 

TATE Darling

                Being a little head of time I will write you first we made a quick trip this time and a very good trip we
shall sail again tomorrow 24.  I have been up to one of the crews house and had a good dinner and it is now
afternoon and I shall go to meeting this evening I was a good mind to come home this time and see my little
TATE and little boys but the expense would be rather much but I shall try and see you Marga in course of the
Summer if I can and nothing happens I shall send you money this trip for  Mr. Cooper for cutting hay if I make
a good trip.  I had a compliment yesterday by (messrs ) and he told the halibut buyer that I was the smartest
little man that ever sailed a vessel from his wharf.  What do you think of this Mrs. Reed  You may write me in
June the fourth.

                Take good care of yourself and children

                My love to you and them and all

                Yours truly

                E J REED

Address on envelope:

Mrs E J Reed
Coopers Mills Maine                                                                                                  

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The following letter was written by Margarett Augusta NOYES Reed Baker to her nephew in Ferndale, CA

Coopers Mills                                     Aug 28 1876

My Dear Nephew  (Charles Paden DOE)

                Your interesting letter came safe to hand.  Glad you are all well we are the same.  Your Grandfather Doe is
dead.   (Harrison DOE)  He died last Thursday.   The community has lost a good citizen, the Religious Society a devoted
Christian and one of their most Benevolent ones.  His funeral was largely attended I think there were eighty Neighbors
and friends who followed him to his grave.  He was a great sufferer yet never murmured about one week before he died
he had a vision of the Kingdom of Heaven and could hardly be persuaded he was yet upon the Earth.  You Grandmother
takes his death very hard for he was in indulgent Husband.  I suppose (John?)And William will live there alone this winter.

                Your Grandmother Howe (Susanna COOPER Noyes Howe) and Grandfather are living together very happily
and in good health.  Grandfather did not leave her only about five weeks and that was to try and compel her to go and live
with him to his son Elvin’s but she would not go.  Aunt Eliza moved to Waterville because there was new mills starting up
there and she was in hopes to do better in keeping boarders.  The girls work in the mill and Albion works at odd jobs. 
Alvestus Noyes is to be married next Sunday to Mattie Cheney, Sister to Uncle Daniel’s wife.  Daniel lives in Gardiner
keeps boarders and is doing well.  Uncle Nathaniel has built him a nice house in Augusta City costing him eight thousand
dollars and has moved into it.

                Tell your Mother I shall feel insulted if she sends me any greenbacks, and that I will send her that Clover seed
between now and seed time.  Almar is rather a dull Scholar both to learn anything from a book but thinks he can worst
you in swimming or catching fish for he can swim on his back and catch fish in his hands, he is so smart you see.  He wants
to see you very much and hopes to another year for if Grandmother Howe lives to see the second day of next June she will
be eighty years old and she wants to have a birthday party wants every child and grandchild to come home  (fold in original
letter, cannot read complete line) ….or send her a present anything from an orange to a pound of (cannot read) Now we
do all very much desire that you and your  should come if others can’t though we want to see you all.

                Except my love and best wishes to you all,

                                                                                                                Aunt Mgret


The following letter was written by Margarett Augusta NOYES Reed Baker to her niece in Ferndale, CA

Coopers Mills      Oct 5th/79   (1879) 

Dear Niece,  (A daughter of her sister Hannah NOYES Doe)

                I received a letter from you last Apr. and you requested to know the weight of those few things that were to be
sent to your Mothers.  I wrote you immediately that the weight was not far from twenty lbs but I have received no line or
orders from you since and sent you the Boys pictures.  I have never received those views of your house. 

                We are all well Elbridge is in N.Y. expect he will make one more voyage this fall then the river will be frozen
probably.   Aunt Eliz (sister of Margarett) has marred a man in the Aroostook John M. Brown they bought a farm there and
built a house but she has been unfortunate her house has burned down and she lost everything in side of it.   She had
mortgaged her house in Augusta for five hundred dollars and that is all gone now.  She wrote to all her Brothers and Sisters
of her loss and need.  Charles from Chicago sent her 25 dollars.  Sarah sent her a trunk of things.  I sent her 15 dollars and
a sack of things and sent her your address, thought perhaps you would send her something.  Her husband is young and poor. 
She says she wrote you long ago but has not heard from it yet.

                I want to go to Cal very much but Capt. Said no.  Your Grandmother Doe says she would go next Summer if I do to
make a visit.  I feel lonely and somewhat discontented since my Sainted Mother left.  It will be one year the 10 of this month
since she died and with her in a great measure died my ambition and comfort in life.   (Susanna COOPER Noyes Howe) 
Elbridge is doing very well makes 100. Per month besides our expenses but he is very saving of it – wants to build a vessel
for Theron by and by – thinks he is a remarkable child but Almar is my favorite.  We are going to have the farm and they the
vessel.  We have bought 50 acres more land.

                Lydia has gone to Richmond to live with her children.  No more this time.


P.S.  Aunt Eliza’s post address is Monticello Me.  Aroostook Co.