Ancestors of Margarett, Lura, Merrill, Frank and Fred REED

Fourth Generation

8. Jacob REED was born in 1809 in Boothbay, Lincoln,ME. He died on 26 Jan 1850 in Boothbay, Lincoln,ME. He married Hannah H. REED in Jan 1834 in Boothbay, ME. [Parents]

9. Hannah H. REED was born on 15 Sep 1820 in Jefferson, Lincoln, ME. She died after 5 Jun 1880 in , ME. She was buried in Bangor, ME. [Parents]


10. Daniel NOYES [image] was born on 25 Jan 1797 in Jefferson,Lincoln, ME. He died on 11 Mar 1864. He was buried in No. Whitefield, ME. He married Susanna COOPER on 25 May 1816 in Whitefield, Lincoln, ME. [Parents]

11. Susanna COOPER [image] was born on 2 Jun 1797 in Whitefield,Lincoln, ME. She died on 10 Oct 1878 in Windsor Road, Kennebec, ME. She was buried in Sand Hill Cem., ME. [Parents]


12. John ELLINGWOOD was born on 12 Jun 1798 in Bethel, Oxford, ME. He died on 25 Jan 1835 in Milan,Coos, New Hampshire. He was buried in Bethel/Riverside, ME. He married Rachel BARROWS on 28 Oct 1819 in Woodstock, Civil, Oxford, ME. [Parents]

13. Rachel BARROWS was born on 3 Aug 1795 in Paris, ME. She died on 9 May 1832. She was buried in Bethel/Riverside, ME. [Parents]


14. Benjamin FLINT was born on 27 Jan 1797 in Norway, ME. He died on 16 Dec 1853 in Milan, NH. He married Elizabeth MERRILL on 23 Nov 1820 in Norway, ME. [Parents]

15. Elizabeth MERRILL was born on 28 Jun 1797 in Norway, ME. She died on 11 May 1851 in Milan, Coos, NH. [Parents]


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